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Laurie Wilson - Bronx, NY

“Hi, My name is Laurie Wilson. I just finished a short sale closing with All cash for houses .I highly recommend their services if you are in need of it. I spoke with a lot of people who approached me about doing a short sale since my house was in foreclosure and they was the only company I felt I could trust with the deal.. they followed and kept me updated through the entire process. Mine was not an easy short sale experience but they did all the work and informed me. Today we closed on the short sale and I am very happy. One chapter closed and another one begins! So thank you very much All cash for houses .com for all the hard work and everything that you have done to help me."

Jeff Carole, Brooklyn, NY

“Hi. My name is Jeff Carole. Can you say AMAZING? Well, that’s how I describe my entire experience doing business with All cash for houses. From the very first phone conversation to closing. and beyond, they was not only professional, skillful and honest, but so caring. They helped me with probate and other expenses, and did all the hard work. It wasn’t easy saying goodbye to my childhood home, but the way all cash for houses handled every aspect of the deal, helped ease any worries I might have otherwise had. I am 100℅ sure I could not have done better. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart!"

Jeff Carole, Brooklyn, NY

Robert Cooper - Brooklyn, NY

"My name is Robert Cooper from Brooklyn, New York. The house they bought needed a lot of work. Cash for houses gave me a fair price all cash as-is and closed when they said they would. The transaction was very smooth."

Robert Cooper - Brooklyn, NY

Kevin Brown - Bedford Stuyvesant, NY

"Hi, this is Kevin Brown from Bedford Stuyvesant, New York. I was scared to death of my foreclosure. CASH FOR HOUSES came in, explained to me what was happening, helped me deal with my bank, and ended up buying my house for cash. They really took the pressure off of me and my family. Thanks guys. That was really really! Simple."

Kevin Brown, Bedford Stuyvesant NY

Alexander Moore - Brooklyn, NY

"I am Alexander from Brooklyn. I lived in the house for 23 years, and spent the last three years trying to fix it up and sell. Finally, I had to sell it quickly and was tired of putting money into rehabbing the house. A friend of mine encouraged me to call even though I really didn’t have an ugly house. They saw the care and the work that I put into the house, and they made me a great offer. CASH FOR HOUSES was my answer and they really made it simple."

Alexander Moore, Brooklyn, NY

Elizabeth White - Bronx, NY

"I am Elizabeth White from Bronx, New York. The entire transaction was very smooth, from the beginning of the transaction until closing was a breeze. There were no surprises and everything was done at a convenient time for us. It was a pleasure doing business with cash for houses."

Elizabeth White, Bronx NY

Stephanie Russell - Brooklyn, NY

"This is Stephanie Russell from Brooklyn. After my parents passed away, we inherited the house that I grew up in. We live out-of-state and just didn’t have time to go fix it up and get it resold. The guys at CASH FOR HOUSES went to take a look, called me with a cash offer and we closed the sale in 14 days. You guys are very thoughtful and I would highly recommend CASH FOR HOUSES."

Stephanie Russell, Brooklyn NY

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